School Uniform

All students enrolled at Life Primary School will be required to wear the school’s designated uniform throughout the school year. There is significant empirical evidence that students who wear uniforms to school are more disciplined. A recent study determined that, “for countries where students wear school uniforms, students listen significantly better; there are lower noise levels and lower teaching waiting times with classes starting on time” (Baumann & Krskova, 2016). The uniform that our team created is comfortable for all-day wear, is suited to Florida weather, and is multi-functional. The uniform’s classic design serves as a visual representation of the scholastic excellence and spiritual integrity that our students exemplify.

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Baumann, Chris; Krskova, Hana. (2016). School discipline, school uniforms and academic performance. International Journal of Educational Management, 30(6). doi: 10.1108/IJEM-09-2015-0118.