Student Life

Why should you choose Life Primary School? First, we have created a fun learning atmosphere in a faith-filled environment. Second, we have carefully crafted programs designed to help your child grow in wisdom, knowledge, leadership skills, and creativity, while discovering and developing his/her unique gifts. Third, we understand the uniqueness of each child and value the opportunity to reach each student in a way that will instill a life-long passion for learning.


Weekly Chapels

Students will participate in weekly chapels designed to help the grow in their relationship with God and with each other.


Music Lessons

Music training classes will be available to help your child grow in his/her gifting, with a curriculum consisting of acoustic guitar and beginner piano.


Creative Time

The Bible tells us that each person is fearfully and wonderfully crafted by God and that His works are wonderful (Psalm 139:14). Because we are made in His image, we value creativity. Each student will engage in inspiring, grade-appropriate creative activities. Parents will have the opportunity to delight in their child’s masterpieces, which will be displayed in various parts of the school and at special events throughout the school term.


Language Arts

All students will receive training in reading, writing and penmanship. They will develop reading fluency and comprehension. They will increase their vocabulary, learn to spell correctly, become grammatically proficient, and develop creative writing skills. In addition, they will be taught to write in both cursive and print.