What Makes Life Primary School Different?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make learning a lifestyle, preparing students to be ready for their futures by building a strong foundation of academic excellence, spiritual values and standards, moral discipline, social development and emotional strength.

what is a christian school?

Life Primary School’s primary purpose is the integration of Christian principles in a contemporary educational experience, using an innovative curriculum to create a relevant learning environment. This will be accomplished as we fulfill our commitment to seamlessly incorporate Christian education and biblical wisdom in the daily scholastic experience of our students.

Because we firmly believe that each student is a valued creation of God, we will equip them with programs designed to guide and develop them spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, stressing moral integrity, physical purity and academic excellence. Students will be taught to demonstrate love while defending truth in the face of the growing number of controversial issues that plague our modern world. They will be taught to engage in effective dialogue, grounded in biblical truth, with an approach that wins souls, rather than arguments. The focus, at Life Primary School, will always be to follow the Biblical mandates in God’s Word. Although our admission policy does not require our applicants to be religiously affiliated, families partnering with us to educate their children must accept that our educational model is rooted in Biblical principles and a Christian worldview.


We seek to develop an environment of trust, mutual respect and support so that all who are a part of Life Primary School will grow.

Life Primary School is committed to embracing diversity, to offering a safe learning environment, to fostering respect, and to actively expressing of God’s love to students and faculty, by cultivating a sense of belonging and of acceptance of one another’s differences. Students will always be expected to comply with our Code of Conduct. All forms of bullying and all physically, emotionally, or socially injurious behaviors are deemed unacceptable and will be subject to appropriate consequences, as determined by the steps of conflict resolution. Any complaint will be promptly and thoroughly investigated and resolved to restore a safe learning environment for all students.